PSPS Board 2022

President: Bowei Liu

Undergraduate Class of 2023

Bowei Liu, the President of PSPS is a senior in the physics department, interested in high energy and condensed matter theory.

Vice President: Inci Karaaslan

Undergraduate Class of 2024

Inci is a junior in the Department of Physics at Princeton University, pursuing certificates in Applied and Computational Math and Engineering Physics. Last summer she worked on exploring dynamo theories in the magnetic field evolution of galaxies, and currently, she is working on characterizing modes in different types of qubits.

Secretary: Chau Truong

Undergraduate Class of 2025

Treasurer: Ben Zenker

Undergradute Class of 2024

Ben Zenker is a math major from NYC in his junior year. Aside from math, he’s really passionate about language learning, so he’s getting a certificate in Chinese Language, and will also get the Finance certificate. When it comes to physics, he has always wanted to learn more about quantum mechanics, a part of the way our world works.

Mentorship Chair: Deniz Erdag

Undergraduate Class of 2025

Deniz Erdag, the Mentorship Chair for PSPS. is a sophomore studying Physics and pursuing experimental cosmology, with a particular interest in dark matter detection. She grew up in Istanbul, Turkey but have been living in Little Rock, AR since high school. One fun fact about her is that she does archery, and taught herself how to play the flute!

Tech Chair: Yagiz Devre

Undergraduate Class of 2026

Yagiz Devre, the Tech Chair for PSPS is a freshman at Princeton University studying Computer Science, pursuing certificates in Finance, Robotics and Intelligent Systems, and Engineering Physics. He is interested in computational physics and renormalization group theory. One fun fact about him is that he loves to play the electric guitar.

Design Chair: Meryl Liu

Undergraduate Class of 2025

Meryl is a sophomore majoring in physics at Princeton University and pursuing certificates in Engineering Biology, Applied and Computational Mathematics, and Quantitative and Computational Biology. She is interested in the application of physics to study biological systems, and is currently working on simulations to study noise repression in stochastic gene expression.

Design Chair: Shabab Zaman

Undergraduate Class of 2026

Shabab is excited to join PSPS this year as a design chair. As an ECE major, Physics is something he has always admired, and something that has allowed him to expand his understanding of the world he lives in. This year, through PSPS, he wishes to gain and spread more knowledge about the laws and principles that govern the universe, and at the same time find more joy with fellow members in watching and discussing sci-fi films and football (or, as it is wrongly called, soccer).

PUPC Chair: Sajia Shahrin Neha

Undergraduate Class of 2025

Sajia Shahrin Neha is a sophomore majoring in Astrophysical Sciences pursuing certificates in Applied and Computational Mathematics alongside Statistics and Machine Learning. She loves everything physics, but her favorite areas would be Stellar Evolution and Plasma Physics. Outside of academia, she like cats, painting, gaming, and watching anime.