PSPS Board 2024

President: Rafael Coca Salazar

Undergraduate Class of 2025

Rafael is a junior in Physics interested in high energy and condensed matter physics. His current research is on Instantons in Quantum Mechanics, and he has previously worked in an atomic physics and magnetometry lab.

Vice President: Jello Zhou

Undergraduate Class of 2025

Jello is a junior in physics with interests in soft matter, condensed matter, and history of science. Outside of academics, they like to climb and listen to instrumental music.

Secretary: Hyaline Chen

Undergraduate Class of 2025

Hyaline Chen is a junior studying physics. He is interested in high energy theory and anything related (who doesn’t want to learn about quantum gravity). He grew up in China and went to school in the UK before coming here. Fun fact: he loves metal and rock music.

Treasurer and Design Chair: Meryl Liu

Undergraduate Class of 2025

Meryl is a junior in the Physics department with certificates in applied math and quantitative biology. She is interested in the physics of living systems and soft condensed matter. Outside of PSPS she also enjoys playing in the piano ensemble and creative writing 😀

Mentorship Chair: Duncan Marmash

Undergraduate Class of 2027

TiCUP-PSPS Diversity Liaison: Liam Wang

Undergraduate Class of 2026

LiamWang, the TiCuP-PSPS Diversity Liaison, is a sophomore studying Computer Science whose heart lives in Jadwin and Peyton. He has a particular interest in astrophysics research, especially anything relating to galaxies and stars, and data analysis. Outside of academics, you’ll often find him performing in theater, playing D&D, or generally lurking around Peyton and Jadwin Hall.